I recently joined a group called Fit Women Over 40 Strength Training Community and have been invited to do an introduction of who I am and what my goals and aspirations are. I decided to write this on my WordPress site in hopes that I can reach more people.
I have always been a writer, though I didn’t know how to read until about 13 years old. At 18 I decided to try to write a book. It’s Lon gone now but I still strive to have my current book published and many more.
I’ve worked in retail for over thirty years and have retired from that, hopefully for good.
I took some schooling majoring in Sociology and minoring in history. I want to get my degree someday. I am currently working on essays to fend off poverty and the return to retail.
With weight training, I have only recently discovered my love for it. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia but my boyfriend who is a personal trainer convinced me that it was and is nerve damage that thankfully is repairable! I started training last September but my horse kicked me and broke my hand. By mid-January, I was ready to start again. Leon Bailey, otherwise known as leonidas_lifts, my trainer, (my man), has been showing me how to lift weights properly that I never thought possible! I can Deadlift 135lbs, Bench 65lbs, use 50 lb Dumbbells in the Dumbbell row! What’s more is that I am working muscles that I never thought I would ever be able to all because of a wonderful man who showed me how! He has me doing lots of great exercises and we educate ourselves watching videos of Bendthebarman (Steve Shaw), Mark Smelly Bell, Allan Thrall, and of course Bro Science! Yes, these are men but they are helpful and open to women trainers as well! I hope that more women will produce YouTube videos that are useful but until then I’ll keep watching whoever gives real good advice!
I am not trying to be a powerlifter or an Olympic lifter, I just like to “lift stuff up and put it down”!